Most people’s top priority when considering a Lip Enhancement, is how natural it looks. While some people like the ‘trout pout’ look, most would rather a more subtle effect.

Dr Jack has spent several years perfecting his Lip Enhancement technique.

Creating something that is simple and natural takes a lot of skill, which is why you should always choose a practitioner that has many years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

The overdone look can be avoided in two ways;

1. A non-direct injection technique

2. Using the minimal amount of filler

Less is really is more in this instance.

A Lip Enhancement with Dr Jack is a quick procedure, usually taking under half an hour. 7-9 injections are required in total, these are divided between the top and bottom lips. Following the injections, the lips are massaged to ensure the filler is smooth and even.

You should be prepared for some swelling and bruising in the 24-48 hours following your Lip Enhancement, this is perfectly normal. You can use an ice pack during this period to help reduce swelling.

As you use your face muscles more regularly e.g. for talking and eating, the dermal filler will break down more quickly than in other areas. Effects usually last for 3-6 months.

If you would like more information on Lip Enhancements please read the information here.