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Dr Jack offers many effective treatments available to re-surface, rehydrate and refresh dull skin with a powerful rejuvenating effect.

Why do I have dull skin?

The most common causes of dull skin are dehydration, a build-up of dead skin cells, poor skin care regime, poor diet, lack of exercise and a decline in collagen and elastin production as a natural result of ageing. Often, dull skin is caused by a combination of these factors but the great news is, there are highly effective treatments that will reverse the symptoms and restore your natural glow, helping you to look younger and fresher.

What skin care products should I be using?

One of the biggest give-aways of our age is our skin. Caring for our complexion helps us to look fresher and younger for longer.  Dr David Jack has developed his own skincare range to help maintain your skin in optimum condition.

What treatments are available for dull skin?

Dr David Jack will assess your skin and recommend a bespoke treatment that will address the causes leaving your complexion revitalised with fresh, glowing, youthful skin.

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