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There are very effective treatments that can plump up this area, reduce the shadow effect and reverse the signs of ageing. Dr Jack will create a bespoke treatment tailored specifically to your requirements that will rejuvenate and refresh your appearance.

Why are the lines between my nose and mouth getting deeper?

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin from our skin as well as volume from our cheeks and other areas of our face resulting in our cheeks hollowing out and appearing to sag. The lines between our nose and mouth deepen and can create a shadow in these areas that further deepens the appearance of these lines.

How can I get rid of the lines between my nose and mouth?

These lines deepen as result of several changes in the mid-face area so it is recommended that we treat the face holistically. Dr Jack will use dermal filler to replace lost volume in the cheeks and naturally lift the skin into place, reducing the appearance of the lines. He will then apply small amounts of filler to the nose/mouth lines, to plump up and smooth out the lines.

What skin care products should I be using?

One of the biggest give-aways of our age is our skin. Caring for our complexion helps us to look fresher and younger for longer. Dr David Jack has developed his own skin care range to help maintain your skin in optimum condition.


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