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About Dr. David Jack

What are Dr. Jack’s Qualifications?

Dr. Jack graduated in Medicine from the University of Glasgow with Commendation. He also holds a first class honour’s degree in Anatomy from the University of Glasgow, which he graduated top of his class. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. He is fully registered with the General Medical Council - number 7020219.

How long has Dr. Jack been practicing aesthetic medicine?

Dr. Jack has been practicing aesthetic medicine alongside his NHS career for 10 years and treats over 3000 patients per year at his clinic in Harley Street. He has a wealth of experience in injectable treatments and skin rejuvenation and his background in Plastic Surgery and anatomy are an important foundation of his aesthetic practice.

What is Dr. Jack’s style of injecting?

Dr. Jack believes always that less is more - the overdone faces of the early 90’s and 2000’s are not something he wants to associate with. His style is that of an understated, refined look, not a ‘treated’ look, so that you look good for your age, not ‘done’.

About the Clinic

Does Dr. Jack see all patients personally?

Yes, Dr. Jack sees and assesses all patients himself, suggesting a bespoke treatment plan that will suit your personal requirements.

Where is the clinic Located?

The clinic is Located in the exclusive ‘medical village’ in Marylebone in London, on the world famous Harley Street. Dr. Jack’s clinic is at number 96.

Does Dr. Jack do ‘at home’ visits?

Dr. Jack does not encourage at home visits as he prefers all treatments to be done in the safety of a clinical environment.

Does Dr. Jack allow children and dogs into the clinic?

Yes - Dr. Jack is happy for you to bring well behaved children under your supervision to clinic. Children are not permitted in the clinical treatment areas. Small dogs are allowed but not permitted in the clinical areas.

Between Appointments

How can I help improve my skin between treatments?

Dr. Jack encourages all patients with normal skin to use a simple skincare regime of vitamin C in the morning, SPF during the daytime to protect from UV damage and vitamin A at night. This is the basis for his skincare line. He also believes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is key to maintaining your skin at its best.

Are there any ‘at home’ treatments I can do to help my skin?

Yes - Dr. Jack recommends cleansing the skin regularly and every so often exfoliating with a non-irritating peel.

What should I do to prepare for an appointment with Dr. Jack?

It helps Dr. Jack massively if you can attend your appointment with a list of any medications you may be taking and also a note of any previous treatments you may have had. Also - if you are able to attend with no makeup this is preferable.