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Dr David Jack’s Optimise 50 packages help us to maintain our natural beauty during this decade, enhancing our features whilst maintaining the integrity and natural character of our face.

The packages will brighten, tighten and plump up the skin, restore volume, reduce the appearance of lines and help optimise our natural beauty.

Package 1: Tri-Layer Treatment

Taking an integrative approach, Dr Jack’s ultimate age-enhancement package will restore vitality to each layer of the face. Dr. Jack will use a combination of skin-boosting injectables with fractional radiofrequency to enhance the appearance of the surface of the skin. This is combined with full face botulinum toxin treatments to relax the appearance of the skin and deep volumising fillers to replace volume to the key structural supports of the skin. This package is done over the course of 12 weeks and includes two full face botox treatments.

Price  on application

Package 2: Notox for the 50s

Dr. Jack is very aware that some patients are not keen on the idea of Botox so has developed a package that does not involve botox or filler, but harnesses your own body’s restorative mechanisms to help rejuvenate the skin. This package combines a series of fractional radiofrequency treatments to the face and neck with platelet rich plasma and profhilo to give your skin the ultimate in biostimulation. Interspersed during the treatment course, two Lumecca IPL treatments will be performed to reduce pigmentation and thread veins to enhance the appearance of the skin.

£3,800 (Bought Separately £4,350)

Package 3: 50s Lips

The lips tend to age through a combination of strong muscle pull on the skin and gradual volume loss. Dr. Jack has created this package, which uses a combination of micro-dose botox to relax the muscle-pull on the skin for the lines around and above the lips, in combination with super-subtle fillers and hydrating skin boosters. Dr. Jack’s approach to lips is that they should look healthy but never overdone, with the perfect phi ratio maintained. This two stage treatment involves injection of a hyaluronic filler and toxin to volumise and relax lines, followed by a lightweight hyaluronic acid treatment to hydrate.

£950 (Bought together £1,150)



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