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Dr David Jack’s signature treatment packages focus on structure and surface, correcting and arresting the signs of ageing and helping us to look naturally youthful throughout our 40s.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr Jack’s Optimise Forties packages will restore volume, reduce the appearance of lines, tighten the skin and lift the neck, helping to optimise our natural beauty.

Package 1: The Essential 40

The Essential 40 Package delivers strategic volume replacement in the key supporting areas of the face, including the cheek and mid face, as well as the jawline and temple if needed. This package uses premium grade fillers in two stages to give a subtle but effective lift, without creating an overdone appearance. Botulinum toxin will be used to subtly refresh and lift the whole face, relaxing lines and wrinkles.

£2050 (Bought separately £2,350)

Package 2: The 40s Neck!

A combination of volume loss, gravity and skin laxity, with loss of support from the jawline can make the neck appear saggy and dropped. This package includes injectable treatments and skin resurfacing to tighten and lift the neck. First a combination of botulinum toxin and profhilo are used to relax and tighten the skin, followed by a series of fractional resurfacing treatments to the neck over the course of 12 weeks.

£2,500 (Bought Separately £3250)

Package 3: The ultimate 40s

This package addresses the signs of early ageing in both the face and neck, with a course of three fractional resurfacing treatments, injectables to boost the skin in both the face and neck, together with subtle revolumisation using premium fillers and botulinum toxin. This package helps target pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and volume loss.

£5,500 (Bought Separately (£6050)



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