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Dr Jack specialises in creating subtle tweaks with natural results that help us look fabulous throughout our thirties. These signature treatments will also have a preventative effect, helping to keep us looking younger far beyond our thirties.

The Optimise Thirties packages will brighten skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, reverse signs of sun damage and help us to optimise our natural beauty.

Package 1: Derma 30

Skin 30 is a package designed to rejuvenate and brighten the very early signs of sun damage to the top layers of the skin, with a collagen boosting profhilo treatment, combined with a rejuvenating lumecca treatment to reduce early signs of pigmentation changes and red marks.

Profhilo (2 sessions), Lumecca (2 sessions)
£1250 (Total price normally £1400)

Package 2: Derm + Relax 30

Similar to ProSkin 30, this package includes a comprehensive botulinum toxin line-relaxing treatment, to treat the early lines starting to develop on the face, together with injections to the neck to reduce the pull of the strong neck muscles on the lower face. This in turn helps to lift and maintain the jawline.

Profhilo (2 sessions). Lumecca (2 sessions), Botox to face and neck as required
£1650 (Total price normally £1950)

Package 3: Derm + Relax + Replace 30

This package includes all of the treatments in Package 2 but additionally addresses the small changes in facial volume that are seen in the 30s. A premium hyaluronic acid filler will be used in small quantities around the face in the key points of volume loss to replace and lift.

Profhilo (2 sessions), Lumecca (2 sessions), Botox 3 areas, Premium Dermal fillerx 2.0ml (Vycross range or Teosyal RHA) to key points of early volume loss
£2450 (Total Price Normally £2850)



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