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The Sixties Packages will brighten, tighten and plump up the skin, restore volume and reduce the appearance of lines. These treatments will also have a preventative effect, helping us to look naturally elegant and radiant throughout our sixties and beyond.

The Optimise Sixties packages help to restore our natural beauty and are particularly effective in addressing and balancing many of the changes that occur in our sixties and beyond.

Package 1: Tri-Layer Treatment

Taking an integrative approach to the skin and deeper structures, Dr. Jack has created this ultimate age-enhancement package to restore vitality to each layer of the face. Dr. Jack will use a combination of skin-boosting injectables with fractional radiofrequency to enhance the appearance of the surface of the skin. This is combined with full face botox treatments to relax the appearance of the skin and deep volumising fillers to replace volume to the key structural supports of the skin. This package is done over the course of 12 weeks and includes two full face botox treatments.

Price  on application

Package 2: Volumise 60+

Volume loss is one of the key factors causing facial ageing in the 60+ age range. In this package, Dr. Jack uses expertly placed premium dermal fillers to replace and revolumise lost volume over a series of appointments. Dr. Jack’s minimalistic approach ensures that volume replacement never appears overdone. In this treatment, an initial replacement volume will be injected to replace most of the volume, then over the course of 12 weeks this will be refined to balance perfectly your facial proportions.

From £2500 (reduced prices for higher volumes of filler)

Package 3: Solaraze

Often in the 60s, sun damage from earlier in life becomes increasingly apparent, with thinning of the skin, appearance of sun spots, thread veins and general skin laxity. A combined approach works best, thickening the skin, removing pigmentation and reducing thread veins. We start with a mid-deep dermal peel to exfoliate surface pigmentation, slightly reduce fine lines and improve surface texture. You will be given a daily serum to help reduce pigmentation. After recovery from the peel, two Lumecca IPL treatments will be performed to reduce residual pigmentation. Your skin is then boosted with two sessions of Profhilo skin booster to restore collagen and elastin levels to the skin.

£1,500 (Bought Separately £1850)



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