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The bespoke facial by Izabela Pawlitka is an individualised treatment designed to target your individual skin issues that can include using a range of techniques including a bespoke blended chemical peel, radiofrequency, extractions and lymphatic drainage massage. It will often include a laser treatment. The combination of techniques will be decided following a consultation to determine the best treatment for your skin.

What is the Bespoke Facial?

The bespoke facial is a hands on non-invasive facial treatment performed by Izabela Pawlitka and Dr. Jo Mennie, delivering healthy, beautiful skin. The treatment will be tailored to the needs of the individual and may include a number of different techniques. Lymphatic drainage massage is usually a key feature of this facial.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of having the bespoke facial will greatly improve the appearance of your skin, revitalise facial muscles, increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin which will help to improve lymphatic flow.

What happens at the appointment?

Izabela creates a bespoke treatment for every patient. During your consultation she will quickly put you at ease and take the time to talk through the results you would like to achieve and make a plan for the treatment.


£300 for 60 minutes

Izabela offers bespoke facials for acne, lifting & rejuvenation


Can I do the bespoke facial before an event?

Yes! all of our facials carry minimal down-time. Minimal redness may be apparent for about an hour post-treatment but this is rare. The bespoke facial is an extremely popular treatment immediately pre-event, indeed Izabela has performed this facial on many patients attending the Oscars and Bafta’s!

Can I do this treatment when I’m pregnant?

Yes! All of the techniques and products used in the bespoke facial are suitable for use during pregnancy and breast feeding.

I've just had dermal fillers and am puffy - can lymphatic drainage massage help with this?

Yes! Lymphatic drainage massage is excellent for reducing problematic puffiness and swelling after dermal filler treatments.

When can the bespoke facial be done if I’m planning to do injectables?

We usually recommend doing the bespoke facial prior to any injectable treatment. It can be done as part of the same booking but should be done before any injections take place.

I have sensitive skin - is this facial for me?

Yes - this facial is very low risk of irritation and can even be tailored to treat sensitive, highly irritated skin to reduce redness and dryness. Your individual skin concerns will always be discussed prior to your treatment and an appropriate treatment schedule will be determined.

Can I use my normal skincare after this procedure?

During the consultation and procedure, Izabela or Dr. Jo will assess your skin and make suggestions of what to use from your existing skincare products, as well as suggest any appropriate products that may be of benefit to your skin following the procedure.



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