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Dr. David Jack and Dr. Jo Mennie are proud to be part of the journey for many transgender and non-binary individuals undergoing gender reassignment. Both doctors specialise in non-surgical techniques designed to augment and enhance gender reassignment surgery, or as part of a more holistic treatment schedule for those who do not wish or who are not yet ready to undergo surgery. We pride ourselves on offering treatments that provide natural-looking results and use only the highest quality products.

Having been part of the journey for many individuals undergoing their unique transition, Dr. Jack and Dr. Mennie have developed a unique set of skills to feminise or masculinise the face, using only non-surgical techniques such as dermal fillers and botox.

In addition to non-surgical injectables, we provide a number of skin treatments to help support your skin during hormonal transitioning. The skin will often experience breakouts and congestion whilst receiving testosterone treatments, and may become drier and more itchy when receiving oestrogen. In order to support this, we offer many bespoke treatments that can help you manage these issues including skin peels to help balance oil levels, hydrating treatments such as injectable moisturisers such as profhilo; anti-acne treatments including our theraclear IPL system; and skin resurfacing and lifting techniques such as Morpheus8 to improve skin texture and quality. We also offer laser hair removal treatments for the face and body.

Feminisation techniques include:

  • Jawline reshaping with dermal fillers
  • Cheek augmentation using dermal fillers
  • Chin reshaping with dermal fillers
  • Lip augmentation with dermal fillers
  • Nose reshaping with dermal fillers and botox
  • Facial contour slimming with botox
  • Non-surgical brow lifting and eyebrow reshaping with botox and dermal fillers
  • Laser hair removal
  • Submental fat pad reduction with Belkyra and Aqualyx
  • Skin resurfacing and tightening
  • Intense pulsed light for skin quality

Masculinisation techniques include:

  • Jawline augmentation with dermal fillers
  • Midface and cheek reshaping and masculinisation with dermal fillers
  • Chin widening and reshaping with dermal fillers
  • Temple and forehead reshaping with dermal fillers
  • Nose reshaping with dermal fillers and botox
  • Brow repositioning with botox


Most treatments for gender reassignment patients will be conducted over a number of appointments so we recommend that a consultation where the cost of treatments would also be discussed.




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