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Plexr uses plasma technology, a new and exciting advancement in the field of aesthetic medicine which, for the first time, gives patients in London an alternative to blepharoplasty (surgical eye lift) without cutting the skin.

Both Dr. David Jack and Dr. Jo Mennie offer this treatment to tighten the skin. It is also used in other body areas to tighten the skin, target fine lines and wrinkles and also for removing small moles and skin tags.

What is Plexr Soft-Surgery?

Plexr Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty is also known as the ‘lightning eye lift’. Plexr ‘soft surgery’ technology utilises plasma energy and is one of the best procedures to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the eye area as a ‘lunch-hour’ treatment that’s quick, comfortable and leaves no scarring.

Dr. David Jack has been performing these treatments for several years and has become one of London’s most skilled practitioners in this field. Search “Plexr soft surgery London” and you’ll see our clinic at the top.


The Plexr eye treatment will lift drooping eyelids, improve the appearance of hooded eyes and tighten the skin around the eye area. As Plexr does not involve cutting the skin there are no stitches and recovery time is fairly quick. It leaves no scars and creates a very effective natural lift with permanent tightening results.

Since the outcome of this procedure depends on your own body’s response to the energy delivered to the skin, results can vary from person to person. The ideal candidate will be someone with lax eyelid skin who is starting to notice the eyelids dropping, or fine lines and wrinkles underneath the eyes. Tightening this skin can produce lasting aesthetic benefits. 

Plexr also works very well to remove small moles and skin tags without scarring.

How does Plexr Soft-Surgery work?

Plasma energy is created between the Plexr probe and the skin creating a tiny spark which heats the skin and causes superficial sublimation or vaporisation (the turning of solid tissue into a gas). This creates a tiny temporary dot on the skin, the skin retracts and tightens in the dot, creating an instant lifting effect and over the course of a few months following the treatment, increases in collagen in the dermis of the skin.


Upper or lower lids: £1600
(includes up to 2 sessions and final adjustment)
Both upper and lower lids: £1950
(includes up to 2 sessions and final adjustment)
Skin tag/benign mole removal from £250


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What happens at the appointment?

Dr Jack will apply a topical local anaesthetic numbing cream to the treated area for around 45-60 minutes on the area to be treated. He will take a series of photographs and then mark the area to be treated.

Is downtime required after the treatment?

Around one week of downtime can be expected (two to three weeks is normally required after traditional eyelid surgery). Whilst this is a ‘lunch hour’ treatment with immediate results, the areas treated are likely to be red with a little swelling and the dots will be visible for a few days. Each dot will develop into a small scab which will heal and fall off after seven days to reveal tighter, smoother skin. It is recommended that an oxygenating mineral based makeup is used immediately after the treatment to enhance healing. In cases of swelling, Dr. Jack may provide a prescription of steroid tablets to help minimise this effect.

We advise that you keep the area protected from prolonged direct sun exposure for 30 days after your Plexr treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

Usually 2-3 treatments are required for optimal results, at our clinic in Harley Street, London.

How quickly will I see results?

You will see some results immediately after your appointment with the final results visible three to six months after the treatment.

How long does this last?

The effects of this treatment are permanent.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes, however the risk of swelling may be increased with combination treatments. Surgical blepharoplasty can still be performed on skin previously treated with Plexr.

What parts of the body can Plexr be used on?

Plexr can be used on any area of the skin, in particular:

Non Surgical Blepharoplasty
Face Neckline and Body Lifting
Stretch Marks
Hyper pigmentation
Keloid scars



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