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“I’m super excited to launch my new YouTube series: In the clinic: Before & Afters. For the series I’ve taken 10 people who are new to any sort of treatment who were looking for a boost and used the full armoury of non-surgical treatments available to subtly address their individual concerns. I wanted to show that the best way to treat patients and prevent the dreaded ‘overdone’ look is by a very tailored approach, using combination treatments. At the end of each, there are moving before and afters!”

Dr David Jack

Episode 1: Nicola

In this episode, we’ll meet Nicola, a mum in her 40s who is looking for a boost. A treatment first-timer, Nicola is a bit apprehensive about things. We follow her progress over several months at Dr. David Jack’s clinic. Nicola had a number of injectable treatments and Morpheus8 resurfacing. Check out the video to see her before and afters!

Episode 2: Fiona

In this episode, we’ll meet Fiona, who has gone through a very stressful time and we aim to get her feeling like herself again. Fiona is in her late 50s and wants a subtle enhancement. Dr. Jack opted for a series of injectable treatments, including botox and dermal fillers to help revolumise and reduce fine lines, as well as Morpheus8 skin resurfacing.

Episode 3: Adam

In this episode, we meet Adam, who’s in his early 40s and has a very stressful job. He’s starting to notice that in the lines on his face. We’ll discuss a number of different solutions for him including botox, dermal fillers and Morpheus8 resurfacing!

Episode 4: Sinead

In this episode, we’ll meet Sinead, who works as a nurse and has been having a stressful time. We’re going to look at a couple of non-surgical treatments for her including subtle botox and dermal fillers

Episode 5: Wendy

In this episode, we’ll meet Wendy and find out how you might treat older sun-damaged skin. Wendy is in her mid 60s and has never done any treatments before so wanted a subtle approach. Over the course of several months, Wendy had some injectables, IPL and Morpheus8 skin resurfacing. At the end you can see her Before and After transformation!

Episode 6: Alicia

In this episode, we’ll meet Elisa who is not interested in injectable treatments so we explore the different options available which could help rejuvenate her skin. In this video she has some Lumecca IPL for facial redness and Morpheus8 to help tighten the skin around her jawline and under her chin.

Episode 7: Barry

In this episode, we meet Barry, 66, who wants to look as sharp as he feels. He’s keen to look fresher without anything too extreme. We’ll explore how a small amount of botox and fillers around the eyes and cheeks can bring back some of the volume of the face. He also had a bit of sun damage, which was cleared up with two sessions of Lumecca IPL


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